the CRISP Foundation

Your Heart Will Make Them Smile

The sole mission of the CRISP Foundation is to provide health care and education to underprivileged children of the world.

A child born with a cleft lip or cleft palate does not simply face aesthetic challenges, but serious congenital defects affecting their ability to drink, eat, hear and even breathe.  The children of Guatemala are in desperate need of the CRISP Foundation's (CRISP) surgical and health care services.  CRISP Foundation has performed over 1400 surgeries; barely scratching the surface of the tens of thousands who need surgery.  We also provide additional medical care and surgery for other congenital anomalies and/or correctable injuries.  All surgeries and medical care are free of charge.

With your help, the surgeons and other medical professionals of the CRISP Foundation can transform children's lives.  Whether they have a cleft palate or cleft lip, need reconstructive surgery relating to burns or need other medical and surgical procedures CRISP can help.

Won't you please help CRISP provide Guatemalan children the urgent medical care they need?  The cost of surgery for one child is only $250 and all donations are tax deductible.  Your heart can make them smile, so please don't wait.  Donate and help sponsor a child's surgery today!